M is for Data Monkey

M is for (Data) Monkey

NOTE: In August 2021, the new second edition of this book was published under the name Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI.

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Written BY Excel pros FOR Excel pros, this book has been designed to guide you through learning how to master the new “Get and Transform” data experience in Excel. Released as a free add-in from Microsoft for Excel 2010 and 2013, Power Query technology is now built in to Excel 2016 and the Power BI Desktop application. This technology is a game changer, and will revolutionize the way you work with your data forever.

Way back when this book was nothing more than a concept, we knew that it needed to be approached in a specific way. It had to speak to Excel users, the problems that they face on a daily basis, and ways to solve those problems both effectively and efficiently. It had to be written to keep you engaged, and to take you on a guided journey, learning from someone who understands you as an Excel pro, how you work, and what you face on a daily basis.

We’re proud to say that we believe that we’ve delivered on that goal, starting with common tasks you perform, and back filling them with real world issues, inspired by a wide variety of real world data sets. Packed with downloadable files and step by step instructions, this book is built to help you master Power Query so that you can use it in your own work, with your own issues. This book was designed from the beginning to get you up to speed quickly, and to give you the knowledge to build awesome Excel solutions quickly.