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Excelguru is dedicated to unlocking your team’s potential by providing live hands-on workshops, online video courses, presentations, keynotes, and other training opportunities.

We specialize in resources for and training in business intelligence using Microsoft Excel, Power Pivot, Power BI, Power Query, and DAX for data modeling, data analysis, reporting and dashboarding, and more.


On-demand & Coached

We offer a variety of both on-demand and coached training delivered by world-class experts through our Skillwave Training learning platform. We’ll show you how to get the most from Excel, Power Query, Power BI, Dimensional Modeling, DAX, Power Pivot, Data Visualization, and more. Registration includes access to the exclusive Skillwave Discussions Forum for posting your questions and helping others in our community of users.


Webcast & In Person

Looking for private, hands-on training for your team or a group of colleagues in Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, Dimensional Modeling, Charting and Dashboarding, or something more? Our private online courses are delivered in a hybrid format consisting of pre-recorded video training and live online Q&A with our trainers for direct help with your questions. If your team prefers learning in person, live on-site training is also available.

What is Skillwave Training

Skillwave Training is a joint project of Ken Puls and Matt Allington, founded in 2020. The team of expert trainers at Skillwave is committed to using our extensive experience in the field to create and deliver the best training content for new and seasoned users of Microsoft BI products, including Excel and Power BI.

The biggest issue facing corporate efficiency today is not the inability to afford powerful systems, but rather the lack of recognition of what you already have and how to leverage it.

The tools within Microsoft Office are extremely powerful, and already exist on your systems. But do your staff know how to use them effectively?

As business professionals, we understand that the value of a training session is in making sure the participants learn skills that they can use in their daily jobs.

Our goal with every course is to ensure that all of our students learn skills that can be applied in the real world. To maximize learning, we prefer to lead hands-on courses where each person can follow along with the examples files provided (each of which is built from real life scenarios that our team has experienced).

What type of training do you need?

Learn from a World-class Expert

At Excelguru, we have a passion for teaching people how to build business intelligence, specifically focusing on Excel and Power BI. Your software should work for you, and that’s our focus!


Formulas and functions, structuring tables, conditional formatting, data visualization, PivotTables, VBA, and more

Power Query

Gather, clean, and reshape your data with ease, and automate your data preparation

Power BI

Create and share interactive reports and dashboards that turn your data into actionable information

Dimensional Modeling

Build solid and scalable data models, the core of every business intelligence solution


Extract even more insights from your data by writing DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions) measures

Coached Training

We teach you how identify the right tools for the right jobs, and how to use them together to get the most from your data

All our training is developed by, Ken Puls, FCPA, FCMA, a world-renowned business intelligence expert, author, blogger, and Microsoft MVP. Ken has over 20 years of business experience, and this experience combined with his technical knowledge ensure that our courses contain real-world content that you can apply to your own work right away.

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