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I was playing a version of 21 with my daughter this weekend, and mentioned Blackjack to her. After a few questions, I thought it might be entertaining to build a version of Blackjack for her to play so I did. And after that, I thought, what the heck might as well put it up on the site.

I'm not really happy with the cards (I'd rather have pictures) but I've got other things to do, so just called it a day with it at the current stage. If you're interested in wasting a little time, and you have Excel 2007 or higher, you can download it below.


The rules are pretty standard Blackjack rules... adjust your bet, then hit Deal. You get two cards, the dealer gets one up, one face down. You can hit or stay, and the hand will unfold for you.

You win if your hand is greater than the dealer's, providing that you don't go over 21. Blackjack is an instant win, unless the dealer also has Blackjack. 5 card tricks are also winners.

Versions Supported:

Due to the conditional formatting used in the file, you must have Excel 2007 or above to run this file.

Screen Shot:

I didn't program in the ability to split and double down, or insurance if the dealer shows an Ace, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway.

Comments welcome, as always. J



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