PED 2nd Edition – Hello World!

As I mentioned in this post, I started working my way through the .NET Hello World example in PED 2nd Edition. I ran into a funny issue though, where it kept opening up my application in Excel 2003 instead of 2007. I fired off a quick email to Dennis who was kind enough to give me some pointers.

As it turns out, my "Current Version" of Excel on my laptop was set to 11 (Excel 2003). My attempts at running Office 2007's Detect and Repair feature, to reset this to 12, were causing the Microsoft Bootstrapper to crash. (So it wasn't completing.)

Today I decided to install Acronis TrueImage to take a backup before I mucked with this any further and, lo and behold, it pointed out that it couldn't install until it killed the suspended install of Office 2007. I gave it the assent to kill the job, and then my Detect and Repair ran fine. I'm now back up to Excel.12 as my current version, and my "Hello World" application works nicely.

I'm only about ½ a chapter into PED 2nd edition, but the .NET stuff is working for me so far. I'm looking forward to digging a little deeper into this now, and trying my hand at a full managed COM Add-in.



2 thoughts on “PED 2nd Edition – Hello World!

  1. Ken,

    Good luck with the next goal to create the managed COM add-in.

    After that You will never want to back to native add-ins 😉

    All the best,

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