Resize Images in Word

I'm working on writing up a course, and it always drives me nuts when the pictures I put in the document are different shapes. Height is fine, but I always want the width to be the same as the document looks weird with margins that change. Resizing manually is not practical as it takes time and eyeballing is not really reliable.

So I knocked up a quick piece of code to resize all the images in my word document. I don't claim to be a Word VBA expert, so this can probably be improved, but here it is:

Sub ResizeImages()

'Date Created : 4/1/2009 21:36

'Author : Ken Puls (

'Macro Purpose: Resize an image in Word


Dim shp As InlineShape

For Each shp In ActiveDocument.InlineShapes

shp.Width = 300

Next shp


End Sub


The size is measured in points, and 300 equates to about 4.75" on the page (at least here, anyway.)



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