I stand corrected: PowerPivot WILL get VBA!

After all my evangelizing (or complaining if you like), I think it's important to acknowledge when someone does/announces something that addresses my concerns.

Post titles are the first things that come up in search engines. So if someone is searching on the question "Will PowerPivot support VBA", they're likely to see my last post come up in a search engine. That post holds a critical comment from Amir Netz of the PowerPivot team at Microsoft, and I don't think it's really fair to have it publicly advertised under the heading that is completely opposite of the truth.

So this post is short and has only two purposes:

  1. To admit I was off base in some of my comments (and I've never been happier to admit it!)
  2. To get something into the blogosphere to answer this burning question with factual information.

To recap, Amir's comment:

PowerPivot does not have VBA support for the most simple reason: we just did not get to it yet.

We know how much you want and need it. We have it high on our list and you will get it. But it is a big deliverable that requires time to complete.

So there you have it. PowerPivot will get VBA. Not quite yet, but it's coming, the only question is time.

You can read the full post here.



One thought on “I stand corrected: PowerPivot WILL get VBA!

  1. That is truly fantastic news! PowerPivot is a real game-changer, and the addition of VBA support makes it even more compelling.

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