Microsoft Excel – Macros & VBA

ON-DEMAND: Microsoft Excel - Macros & VBA


Learn to automate your most repetitive tasks at the push of a button with Excel macros and VBA. In this online course that Ken Puls designed and built with a company called GoSkills, you will learn to create powerful macros using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to really make Excel work for you. With no prior programming experience required, you'll have your daily spreadsheets running like clockwork to save you hours of time and boost your productivity.


  • 41 practical tutorials.
  • Understand the differences between macros and VBA.
  • Run your macro from the Macro dialog, a keyboard shortcut or worksheet button.
  • Understand the syntax and structure that make up a valid macro.
  • How VBA Objects and the Objects model relate to each other.
  • Using step vs run in entry level debugging.
  • How to create variables and assign strings, values or objects.
  • Implementing logic tests in VBA.
  • Set up looping with Do loops and Do While loops.
  • Create a VBA Message Boxes.
  • Set up an error trap in VBA to handle errors.
  • Create a User Defined Function (UDF).

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Excel 2016 for PC.


For full course details and to register, visit the GoSkills website.

Even better, there's even a discount available if you're ready to sign up. Just enter the code XLGURU at checkout and you end up getting the course at 15% off the regular price.



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