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Today marked a new milestone for me, as I actually sent out a newsletter to everyone who has ever signed up at  I was little hesitant, but figured I'd give it a go and see how people reacted.

I actually got some really nice feedback from people, which was great, even asking how to get others to sign up.

To that end, I've added a newsletter signup button on my Facebook page at  And, since my blog theme was getting a bit stale, I've updated that as well, adding a link on the right hand side here.

I'm not totally sure I'm sold on the new theme, but let me know what you think.



5 thoughts on “Newsletter and blog updates

  1. Sorry David, you lost me there. Are you saying that you got the newsletter, but never signed up at the forum? That shouldn't be possible, as I only uploaded contacts from my forum or those who had specifically asked to be kept up to date in my live training sessions.

    Or are you saying that you just don't want to sign up for the forum, but you do (or don't) want to sign up for the newsletter?

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