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What is Power Query?
Power Query is the most important data analysis tool since PivotTables. It allows you to clean, reshape, and combine your data with ease, no matter where it comes from.

Introducing Power Query Academy

Until now, building Business Intelligence solutions has been a painful, repetitive process requiring a great deal of manual effort to clean, filter, and format data before it can even be used. And updates have been tedious and error prone.

Learning to use Power Query means less time spent manipulating data and more time analyzing it to gain powerful insights and make better decisions.

Power Query will save you hours of time gathering and preparing your data before loading it into your data model.

How much time? Great question…

Consider this scenario: a regulation changes in your industry, and every company is forced to hire a new full-time employee in order to process the data that now needs to be reported to the government on a monthly basis. Every company, that is, except yours. Why? Because you were able to automate the data processing and reporting using your amazing Power Query skills, reducing the job to 15 minutes per week.

This isn’t a hypothetical scenario, this really happened for one of our clients. An average of 160 person-hours was reduced to a single hour, using Power Query. How amazing is that? Where their competition all ended up adding a full-time employee to their corporate overhead, our client didn’t need to. That means they’ve been able to get a competitive advantage over their competitors based on what they’ve learned from our material.

Or how about the client who was able to take the rent-arrears report which took a full day of manual effort to create every single week? What would you say if you could take a job like that, and reduce it to the click of a single button that now only takes a couple of minutes? Would you like to save 52 person days of manual effort per year? Of course you would! And yes, that truly happened.

Now let’s be fair. It would be irresponsible of us to promise you that you’ll save 52 person-days per year, or a full time employee on an annual basis by learning our techniques. Not everyone will realize those kinds of productivity gains.

But, what we can say is that we routinely get emails from people telling us that they’ve saved 4-5 hours of manual labour per week based on the things they’ve learned from our material. Think about that for a second… What if you saved only 3 hours per week? Multiply that by your hourly rate, and by 50 working weeks per year. It’s a lot of money, isn’t it? And what if you could use that time to learn even more about Power Query and automate other processes as well?

There’s one more thing that we really want you to think about here. Do you enjoy cleaning up the same data on a weekly or monthly basis? Is that satisfying for you? Wouldn’t you be more interested in analyzing that data and drawing conclusions from that data? You know – the job you were actually hired for?

Let us help you!

Our courses are built from a practical point of view, showcasing real-world examples and techniques that you can use right away. You’ll learn the steps, formulas, and tricks from world-class experts that will save you hours of time on a weekly basis. Let us help you get the data-cleaning out of the way, so that you can focus on the satisfying part of the job: providing the insights that you were actually hired to deliver.

This course starts at the beginning, and is intended for people who have never used Power Query at all, those who are self taught and want to ensure they haven’t missed anything, or those who just want great coverage of all of Power Query’s core features.

You’ll learn basic transformation techniques and methods to clean up a variety of common data challenges, as well as how to pull data from various data sources and pull them together into a single refreshable solution that will save you hours of time on a monthly basis.

From there, you’ll learn how to unwind difficult data patterns, dive deep into the underlying M language, and complement user-interface-driven actions with a sprinkling of code to build amazing and practical solutions. Power Query formulas, custom functions and even pro tips for future proofing solutions and improving performance; you’ll pick up the skills to make you a data ninja.

Simply put: you won’t find a more comprehensive Power Query course anywhere! Plus, everything your learn in applicable to both Excel and Power BI.

Target Audience

  • Anyone that needs to import and clean data to be analyzed
  • Anyone who copies and pastes data into the same Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis in order to be able to continue their workflow
  • Anyone who has ever tried to consolidate data in Excel using VLOOKUP() or other methods
  • Every user of Excel or Power BI who wants total control of their data

Registration Details

The Power Query Academy courses are built from a practical point of view, showcasing real-world examples and techniques that you can use right away. Your annual subscription comes with:

  • 12 months of access top-quality content
  • 12 months of access to our exclusive Skillwave Discussions Forum for help with your questions
  • Downloadable example files for each module, hands-on practice labs, and access to our sample database for trying out your own scenarios
  • A digital copy of our top-selling book, Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI (the new 2nd edition of M is for (Data) Monkey)*
  • Our collection of handy Power Query Recipes, including any new or updated cards for as long as you are a member*
  • Module quizzes to help reinforce the information covered in the videos
  • Certificate of Completion to show off and brag about your new skills

Registration Link:

This course is hosted through our Skillwave Training website, so please click the link below to register through the Skillwave site.


You can try our FREE Power Query Fundamentals course with no obligation at all. It contains about 2.5 hours of video content, and will give you a great feel for our style and the material at hand. In this course, you’ll learn how Power Query works, how to pull in data, and refresh and edit queries!



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