Professional Excel Development – 2nd Edition

My wife sent me a message today to let me know that a review copy of Professional Excel Development – 2nd Edition had just arrived at my door. 🙂

The last version of the book was excellent: the only book on the market of its type, in fact. I'm expecting nothing less from this one, indeed I'm actually expecting more. Dennis Wallentin (XL-Dennis) was added to the team this time to bring in the .NET aspect, and I'm really looking forward to exploring those chapters. Hopefully I'll actually be able to make a .NET add-in that actually works now!

I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet, but one thing I'll say about the book right now is that it should be able to hold your house down if a tornado hits it. This is one big book!

I should also mention that Dick Kusleika has acquired an extra copy to give away. You can find his competition here.



One thought on “Professional Excel Development – 2nd Edition

  1. Thanks Ken for the promotion and I hope You will not be disappointed.

    Yes, the book is thick and heavy as a brick. Instead of removing pages from the first edition we decided to add the .NET chapters and the VSTO chapter on top of it.
    Actually, we hit the limit for how many pages that can be printed.

    Rob has recently published an article about the second edition which is available here:

    Kind regards,

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