Renewed for another year

I was really happy to see an email from Microsoft this morning to let me know I've been awarded as an MVP for my 4th consecutive year. 🙂

I've been pretty quiet since a couple of days into my vacation… partly because I was too busy enjoying it to blog, partly because I was back full on into work upon my return. I came back to work jetlagged to push through month end, then budgets, and now we're back into a quarter end. After that, since it's our "slow season", we'll be pushing through systems installs as well. Life is not dull, but it isn't affording me much time at the moment to publish new stuff.

I'm hoping to write up something soon that describes the budget project I worked on, as it's been a really cool one, and have a software review in the pipe right now too.

I need to get onto work now, but hopefully the blog won't be quiet for long…



12 thoughts on “Renewed for another year

  1. Hi Ken -

    Congrats. I'm back in too, I think for the ninth time. It's hard to remember exactly when I started, because the program was going through some turmoil back then.

  2. Congratulations Ken and Jon! I was pleased to get my email too. My first award was Oct 2001, in what I call the "ei" group -- Kusleika, Deitrick, Dalgleish.

  3. I think I was first awarded in April or July 2001. Then somehow my renewal date shifted around to October, when they decided to do them annually instead of quarterly. And then they switched back to quarterly.

  4. So the rumor about kicking out all Canadians isn't true?

    Hopefully, I'll see in you February. The Excel 2010 books should be wrapped up by then. The only question that remains is, should I spring for a private room or run the risk of having to share it with someone like DataPig?

  5. LOL! Apparently not, John. At least not in the Excel category, anyway. I think we all made it.

    Congrats to all three of you on your re-award as well, and hopefully you'll all make it out this year. 🙂

  6. What is it with you people? That is four posts I have seen this October on being re-awarded, don't tink I've ever seen one before. Is this a new rites of passage act? Haven't seen yours yet Debs, don't get left behind!

  7. Bob -

    I haven't made my own announcement. Instead I've just commented on everyone else's announcements. So far, that's all Deb has done, too.

  8. I know Jon, but Walk, Dick, Mike Alexander and now Ken have all blogged it.

    The blogs will get swamped if every MVP blogs their re-award, and every other congratulates him/her 🙂

  9. Bob, what do you mean "and now Ken". I'm pretty sure I got my post up before the others. For the record, I think that John, Nick and I all blogged about it last year too. I think the 'net can handle it. 😉

    Chandoo, are you going to be coming to the summit this year?

  10. Sorry Ken, didn't mean to imply that you were bandwagon jumping 🙂

    I am amazed to think that Nick might have mentioned it before!

  11. Just saw your question.. I wish I could come to the summit.. but Seattle is faraway from India and tickets are expen$$$ive. May be next year...

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