The danger of being out of date…

Tonight I discovered that my site had been hacked... as it turns out I was running an old version of WordPress and there was some injection code fed into a security vulnerability. I've upgraded to the latest version, which has cured that issue, but in the process some things seem to have occurred:

  • I've got some funny looking code samples
  • I've got a weird A character showing up all over
  • I've lost my navigation to the RibbonX TOC

I'll try and fix this up over the next few weeks (kind of busy), but my main priority is going to have to be my main site, which still has some issues and needs a pretty major upgrade...



6 thoughts on “The danger of being out of date…

  1. There's a WP plugin you can use to search for and replace those characters. It only works on certain fields (post content, tags, etc), so it might not completely fix the issue, but it's a start.

  2. Hi Guys,
    I had the same issues, after the ugrade some of the code was off and the A thing. I intended to re-read all my posts and manly correct the A, that's not happen, so I might find that add in! - Thanks JP

  3. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the link JP, I noticed that the update I did only worked in IE, so I had to undo it. I installed the plug in and done a replaces, looks good!

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