This is a post about speech recognition

I tried to set up my laptop today to use the speech recognition native in Microsoft Windows.  I found it pretty hard to actually get it to recognize my voice the first time around.  It doesn’t actually feel quite as efficient as typing right now, but I’m sure that it will get better with time.

It’s very apparent that it’s quite powerful, but it feels quite clunky to try and talk to your computer to begin with.  I also found myself correcting an awful lot of mistakes where the computer misunderstood me, and that in itself was quite painful.

Probably the most frustrating part, however, was I had to do this speech recognition in Microsoft word as it could not be done in Firefox.  (I was trying to post to the WordPress blog.)

Despite the pain, I persevered and this blog post was completely dictated.  I will also be attempting, using voice commands alone, to actually copy and paste this in the blog.  If it shows up you’ll know I was successful.

Something tells me that I need to get Word to post directly to my blog which I understand can be done.



2 thoughts on “This is a post about speech recognition

  1. Very cool!

    Word 2007 is great for blogging so you really should be using it! I use it all the time. It's so good for posts with pictures or screen shots. Just paste the image, set a good size and Word takes care of the rest.

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