Who is the number one choice of spammers?

The other day my wife received over 5000 bounced emails... she hadn't sent any out, but I guess our email address got spoofed, not doubt when someone who knew us got a virus in their inbox.  I've looked into it, and apparently, I can get a SPF put on my email so that mail servers can tell it didn't come from us, but I just haven't quite got there yet.

So today, I took a quick peak at my spam filter on the blog.  Check this out:


Almost 4000 spam messages in just over two weeks.  Unreal.  So if your comment got moderated, and hasn't shown up, you might want to try again.  (And maybe even email me if it doesn't show up after a day or two.)

I have to admit that I'm kind of curious on this point... I know a bunch of other bloggers using WordPress.  How many spam messages do you have in your Akismet filter?  My blog started back in December, so the 20,764 is only for about 7 months.

PS... sorry for the lack of posts here.  I've been very busy with a large project that isn't due to be finished for a month or so.  I'll try to put something up in the mean time, but this is pretty much consuming my evenings and weekends.



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