XLG Favourites Add-in Instructions

XLG Favourites Add-in Instructions
This article contains instructions for the installation and usage of the XLG Favourites Add-in. To download this add-in, please visit the XLG Favourites Add-in page.


  • Download and extract the package to your local PC or the network drive where you wish to store the add-in.
  • Open Excel.
  • From the Tools menu, select Add-ins.
  • Click Browse and locate the extracted XLG Favourites addin.
  • Double click it.
  • You may now be prompted with the message below:
    • 2000 and higher version:
    • 97 version:

  • Click NO. (This is important to make sure that the Help file stays with the add-in.)
  • Once returned to the add-ins manager, make sure the box beside "XLG Favourites Add-in for Microsoft Excel" is checked and say okay

Main user interface:

  • The main user interface is shown below.
  • Basic use:

    • When you first install the addin, the menu will show only the last five items pictured here, but as you add more, it will begin to look quite healthy. To open a file, no matter what kind, it will open the file in the appropriate application.

  • Add Active Workbook:

    • Clicking this button will add the active workbook to the end of the XLG Favourites list.

Manage XLG Favourites:

  • This command will display the userform pictured below. Each of the commands is discussed below in detail.
  • Move Up and Move Down:

    • These buttons will move the highlighted item up or down in the favourites order.

  • Remove:

    • This will remove the highlighted item from the XLG Favourites menu. It will NOT delete the item from the hard drive.

  • Add File:

    • Clicking this item will present you with a browser window to select a file. Any kind of file can be selected from this window, and will be added to the end of the XLG Favourites menu.

  • Add Folder:

    • This button has the same function as the "Add File" button, but works with Folders (Directories).

  • Rename:

    • Sometimes we'd rather modify the file name to display something that makes sense. This feature will change the display name on the XLG Favourites menu to something that you prefer. It will NOT change the actual file name.

  • Break?:

    • The break button allows you to add (or remove) a separator above the item that you have selected. This can be very handy for organizing your favourites to make groups of items appear more logical. To do this, highlight the item and press the Break? button. In the screen shots above, the Management form shows breaks set to True for "Excel Projects in Process" and "VBA to VBS". In the screen shot of the menu (just above) you can see the effect of the horizontal line across the menu.

  • Close:

    • Will close the Management form.

XLG Favourites Help
There is a full Help file included with the add-in, so that you can review all of this material offline.

About XLG Favourites
This screen (pictured below) serves a few purposes.

  • It is my shameless self promotion page. (It's a free addin so you get to live with that.)
  • It will allow you to go straight to my website contact page if you'd like to tell me how much you like the add-in.
  • It contains the version and build... just in case you need to report a bug to me. (via that hyperlink)
  • It shows the path to your favourites database, in case you want to back it up.



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