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XLG Favourites
This add-in was created to increase the functionality of Excel and address some shortcomings in the "Most Recently Used Files" listing. While we can increase the list to hold 9 items, I frequently use more than that many files during one of our month ends. It's also well known that long file names get abbreviated and difficult to read. This add-in addresses these issues, among other things.

The work is based very closely on the original "Favorites Add-in" created and published by Daniel Klann. It was his idea to create a menu to hold a list of favorite items. There were two main reasons that I put my own spin on this add-in:

  • To convert the add-in to use a database to store the favourites. This allowed for the installation of a single add-in file for multiple users in a network environment. (As discussed in my article here.)
  • To add the ability to add non-Excel files to the favourites menu.

The user interface was so practical that I rebuilt it in the exact same image, adding only the ability to add some minor formatting to the menus. Without Daniel's fine work, this add-in would most likely not have existed.

Basic Features:

  • Adds a submenu to the file menu to hold all "Favourites" that you choose to add to it.
  • Add the Active Workbook to the favourites menu.
  • Launch any favourite from this menu (including non-Excel files.)
  • Add the Active Workbook to the Most Recent Files list
  • A full Help File

Advanced Features:
The add-in includes a Management userform which allows you to:

  • Add not only Excel files, but any type of file.
  • Add folders to the menu. When clicked, the browser will open at that location for you to pick the file to open.
  • Change the order of files/folders in the list.
  • Change the name that the files/folders display in the list.
  • Remove files/folders from the list.
  • Toggle a separator line to arrange your selections into logical groupings.

Versions Supported:
Excel 97 through 2010

The download package includes the latest version of the XLG Favourites add-in.The current release, (v1.104 from March 25, 2009,) can be downloaded by clicking the button below:

For a complete set of instructions on how to install and use this add-in, please visit the XLG Favourites Add-in Instruction Page.

I'd like to thank my beta testers for testing this add-in. They are:

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