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I’m pleased to say that our new book “M is for Data Monkey” is now complete, through the technical edit, and into the copy edit stage.  While there is still more work to go, the book is on schedule for release in November (with Amazon shipping in December, I believe.)

At this point we’re just finalizing the “Thank You” section, and wanted to invite everyone who has supported and pre-ordered the book the chance to get your name in M is for Data Monkey:

How to get your name in M is for Data Monkey

If you’d like to get your name inside, we need you to submit the following information via email to [email protected]

  • A copy of your receipt for the pre-order of the book - if you haven’t pre-ordered it then you can do so here
  • The name that you want to be displayed in the book – for example, it can be Miguel ‘Mike’ Escobar, Ken ‘Power Query’ Puls, your company name, or whatever you want to see there.

We only have space for a limited amount of names (around 80), so please submit your information as soon as possible!

The deadline to submit this information is September 16th, 2015 at 23h59m US Eastern time, so don’t miss out!



11 thoughts on “Get Your Name in M is for Data Monkey

  1. I was giving Bill Jelen a hard time about the title "M is for Data Monkey". I was ribbing him because the words Power Query wasn't in the title.

    Well it looks like you guys are smarter than I am. With the new Power tools name changes, it seems Power Query is no longer a valid name.

    Personally, I'm going to continue to use the term Power Query. Microsoft can repaint the front door, but it's still Power Query to me.

  2. I'm calling it Power Query in my book , as well.

    BTW: I pre-ordered the book today and am looking forward to it.

  3. Ah, I checked out this title but paper books are expensive to import to South Africa - import duties, VAT, etc, etc. I'm hoping it may be published as a Kindle title as well.

  4. Will there be an online version of the book available? Very excited to read it here on the southern tip of Africa.

  5. I see the comments above ask the same questions, I will definitely make use of a PDF.

  6. There will be. I'm just working on the necessary plumbing to get it hooked up in my site and make sure I've got the most recent copy of the book with all of our fixes.

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