Magic Tricks for Data Wizards

Magic Tricks for Data Wizards:
Tips & Tricks for Power Query in Excel and Power BI

In the online Power Query courses that we deliver as part of our Skillwave Training platform, we commonly talk about how data professionals can often perform “Magic” with their data in terms of transforming, cleaning or reshaping a dataset for better consumption and analysis. We often call these data professionals “Magicians” or ”Data Wizards”.

Why Data Wizards? The term wizard often describes “a person who is very skilled in a particular field or activity,”’ and in computing the term wizard means “a help feature of a software package that automates complex tasks by asking the user a series of easy-to-answer questions.” The first definition is for you, the Excel user, and the second definition is for Power Query – together you make magic.

This eBook is written from a practical point of view with easy-to-follow examples. We’ve compiled the most impactful cases that we’ve encountered over the years to show you how to work more effectively with Power Query based on the scenario that you have.

The goal of this eBook is to help you, as a Data Wizard, learn some new tricks and tips when working with this amazing tool called Power Query.

  • Each chapter of this eBook is independent from one another, so you can jump to a chapter of your choice and get the information that you are looking for without the need to see the rest of the eBook. However, we do encourage you to check the full contents of this eBook.
  • We’ve made sure that this is a short and concise eBook that you can be able to read in just one sitting while still learning everything that you need to know to work more effectively with Power Query.
  • Use your preferred tool! You can follow along our examples with either Power Query for Excel or in the Power BI Desktop

This book comes as a bonus when you enroll in our FREE Power Query Fundamentals course available through our Skillwave Training platform. Register today in this great introductory course and you will immediately be able to download the free eBook!



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