Modifying the Ribbon – Part 2

Part 1 of this series can be found here.

In this post, I'm going to show a few more examples of customizing the ribbon using buttons. (We'll get to other types of controls later.) All of these are variations of the schema set up in the first post linked to above.

Three Small Buttons to a Column

In the example from our previous section, we saw how to add three new buttons to a group in the ribbon. The following XML adds a forth button, (no major excitement there,) but it does show how to start a second column in the group. (Similar to text wrapping.)




6 thoughts on “Modifying the Ribbon – Part 2

  1. This is really Great! Everything worked as described. Thank you so much. can I specify my own custom icons? Or any other icon? Where do the icons "live" and what is the file format?

    Thanks again for a very clear explanation.

  2. Hi Annemarie,

    For choosing other Microsoft images, see part 3 of my Ribbon blog posts here:

    You may also be interested in a tool to make the browsing easier. You can find one here:

    Using your own custom icons is described in part 4 of my series here:

    Hope this helps!


  3. Thank you for detailed info. But If somebody wants to add his/her own WPF user control then how he/she could?

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