MVP Summit 2008 – Sunday

Now that I'm home, it's time to try and catch up on the blog posts that I should have made last week.

So, as promised, we spent a pretty lazy Sunday morning. Robert and I met up and headed off to registration, which was a pretty quick affair in all. We then headed back to the hotel, and reconvened in the Westin lobby later that evening.

When I got down there, Niek Otten and John Walkenbach were already there, and a few others joined the fray a little later. After a bit of socializing there, we headed off to the TapHouse Grill for dinner. Dinner was pretty good, the beer... it was okay, but the company was great.

Here's the crew that were there for dinner:


From left: Chris "Smitty" Smith, Robert Martin, Niek Otten, John Walkenbach, Dee (my wife), Ron Coderre, Bob Phillips and myself. The picture was taken by Smitty's wife Cindy.

From there, we headed out to our usual haunt: The Rock Bottom brewery.

I don't actually have any photos from the Rock Bottom that night, and my memory is a little... er... hazy... but I do remember that we found Andy Pope there, and Jan Karel Pieterse and Debra Dalgleish swept in at some point that night too. And once they kicked us out of the Rock Bottom, we ended up closing down the bar in the Westin lobby too. I believe that I headed for bed about 2AM that night, with instructions to meet up in the lobby at 8AM for breakfast at Lowell's (in Pike Place market.)



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