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Have you ever wanted to request new features for Excel?  Maybe an upgrade of data validation, a new function, or something else?  Well guess what… there is a way…

In a recent blog post on the Office Blogs called “Your top 10 questions about Office 2016 for Mac answered”, answer number 7 was to the question “How can I request a new feature?”

And the cool thing?  This isn’t just applicable to Mac Excel.  It’s applicable to ANY AND EVERY flavour of Excel (Windows, Android, iPad, Mac, Online)

How to request new features for Excel

Go to the Excel Suggestion Box site at

  • Create a user account if you want to add a new suggestion or vote on existing suggestions.
  • Select one of the feedback forums listed.
  • Check out the ideas others have suggested and vote on your favourites.

The Excel team does suggest that you search for your suggestion among existing requests before you post a new one.  This is actually important as you can then vote someone else’s suggestion up.  The more votes, the more likely it has a chance of being seriously looked at.

So on that note, check out the ones that are there.  Vote them up and comment if they are in line with what you’re thinking.  But add your own if you can’t already find one in place.

How to request features for Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote

As it would happen, they all have their own sites.  You can find them at the links below:



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