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Hi everyone,

We've got a bit of a break before dinner tonight, so I thought I'd give a bit of an update. Sorry that all the pictures are linked, but they're huge, and wouldn't scale to thumbnails. As of March 17, I scaled down all the pics and put them in the post. Sorry if you're on dialup, and I hope the download isn't too bad. 🙂

My wife and I came down to Seattle by Greyhound yesterday, which was an interesting trip. We got delayed coming through customs because one of the passengers failed to declare himself as an US citizen. He told us later that he had dual citizenship (US/Canada), but had nothing to prove his US, so he decided to travel under Canadian only. I wasn't in line right behind him, but the guards gave it to him pretty good. Overall, it delayed us by about 20 minutes.

Then we got to Mt Vernon, (I think,) where the bus driver announced... "We will be here long enough for people to get off the bus, and for people to get on the bus. That means that we will be here long enough for people to get off the bus, and for people to get on the bus." We all kind of laughed, but some crazy woman got off the bus and went in to get a coffee. When the friend told the driver, he said "too bad", and started to drive away. He actually did stop, but it was rather amusing to see the look of panic on her face as she came screaming out of the coffee bar, waving frantically with a coffee in one hand. Needless to say, no one tried to get a coffee at the next three stops.

The wind was just howling on the drive down, and the bus just about got blown off the road several times. In the end, though, we got down to Seattle and managed to walk the three blocks to the hotel between rain showers. We checked in to a nice hotel room, with the view of the Space Needle.


So upon checking in, we headed downstairs and met up with the Excel group. That was pretty cool to be able to finally meet these guys face to face. The people that were there last night included (in no particular order):

  • Zack Barresse
  • Bob Phillips
  • Colo
  • Andrew Engwirda
  • John Walkenbach
  • Jon Peltier
  • Dick Kuslieka
  • Shane Devenshire
  • Tushar Mehta
  • Stephen Bullen
  • Nick Hodge

After chatting with the guys in the lobby, Zack, Colo, Bob, Andrew and myself headed out for dinner. In the picture below, we are, from left to right: Me, Colo, Zack, Andrew and Bob. (My wife took the photo for us.)


After dinner, we headed down to the pub to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Left to right below are Bob Phillips, Nick Hodge, John Walkenbach, Jon Peltier and Tushar Mehta. (And that would be Stephen Bullen's arm holding a beer to the left of the picture.)


This morning, I had a couple of meetings, and then headed off to Registration for the Summit. As kind of a cool bonus, Anne Troy was flown in, (not an MS MVP though, but for another business venture,) so we got to meet her face to face as well. So here's some shots:

Anne with Zack


Anne with Me


Myself and Zack (who is trying to look 4 inches taller) 🙂


And now I'm off to the MVP regional dinner. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Some Summit Pictures

  1. Nice pictures Ken 🙂

    I didn't see any mojitos on those tables 😉 LoL Have fun Ken! Send my regards!

  2. Hey Joseph,

    No, no mojitos on the table. We did have "mojito marinated fruit skewers" at one of the dinner events though. Not exactly mojitos as you like them, but a start. 😉

  3. I saw Mojitos on a drink list somewhere. I thought of you Joseph, but couldn't bring myself the courage to try another one. Maybe next time I go out and have some money to waste I'll subject myself to one.. 😉

    I had a good time though. Ken was much funnier in person. (hehe) Seriously, a good time was had by all. Meeting some great new people, although most were people I'd known of online. So many great minds in one place. Truly an amazing experience was had.

    I'm looking forward to next year (providing I get the award again). 🙂

  4. Hey Ken,

    It was a great event wasn't it? Just hope they have good bacon again for breakfast if I can go next time. Bob's special "orange juice" would work well too.

    Zack, thanks for the drive to the airport! I got home okay but am still wondering what happened to March 17 🙂

  5. Four inches? Na, only three.

    I want to hear about the drive.


    It was great meeting some of you folks. I had an interesting breakfast meeting with Anne Troy and the SupportSpace people.

    It was wonderful to finally meet Anne. I serenaded her in the lobby while waiting. The hotel staff were not quite sure how to take me playing guitar there.

  6. How did I miss the blogs? Well, I finally saw them!

    Just wanted to say that I am on a committee with SupportSpace--one that is giving them feedback as potential experts. I needed to meet with the CEO, and did. They have incredibly good ideas for supporting our clients, and I'm throwing one or two in there for good measure. It feels good to know they're listening to the people who would use it.


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