MVP Summit 2008 – Friday

Officially, the summit was over.  But we'd booked an extra day, and a few of the Excel guys were still around.

We got up at 7AM, for breakfast at Lowell's at 8AM.  (Really slept in!)  Strangely, I never took any pictures, but breakfast was with myself, Deanna, Smitty Smith, Zack Barresse, Bob Phillips, Andy Pope, Nick Hodge and John Walkenbach.  (Would have been the only picture I had of Zack this year... had I realized, I would have taken one!)

After that, Bob, Smitty, Zack, Dee and I wandered through Pike Place market.  I don't know if you've seen the Fish video used for team training, but they come from the Pike Place Fish Market. I saw this great looking "Monk Fish" there, and had to take a picture... got nice and close... and the guy pulled the string behind it that I didn't know was there.  Damned near gave me a heart attack!


At any rate, we went from there to Ye Old Curiosity Shop... which is an interesting place.  The stuff they have for sale is pretty much just trinkets and souvenirs, but the stuff they have hanging from the ceilings and walls are pretty neat.  From whale bones to mummies, this place has a bunch of weird stuff.

We spent our afternoon just hanging out... Dee went for a nap, and I chatted with Bob Phillips for a good long while.  From array formulas, to data validation, to SQL and BI infrastructure, we got into some quite deep technical conversations.  Excellent stuff.  😀
Of course, in the middle of Dee's nap, the hotel decided to have an evacuation drill, so that pretty much put paid to that!

Dee, Bob and I then headed out to dinner at Il Fornaio, through the SNOW!  It's April, for crying out loud!  At any rate, great food there, and better conversation.  🙂

When then actually all turned in before the bar closed... about 15 minutes before, but still...



2 thoughts on “MVP Summit 2008 – Friday

  1. Hi Ken
    I should have been with you for breakfast at Lowells that morning, but my broken rib gave me hell on Thursday night and I didn't get any sleep, so I had a lay in.

    Sorry to have missed you and dee to say goodbye, but it was great to have made your acquaintance.
    Like wise, my apologies to those others I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye, who may also be reading this blog.

    I found the whole trip a wonderful experience, and should I be lucky enough to return next year, I will try to make it without broken limbs!!

  2. Roger,

    It was great to meet you as well, and we were all sorry to hear that you'd had a rough night with the ribs. We can certainly forgive you that!

    Hope to see you again next year!

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